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Schematics Workshop

The talk is about understanding schematics and the abstract syntax tree (AST) and writing custom schematics. In the beginning you will get an introduction to schematics and while continuing we are going to improve and add more skills/tasks. I will provide further resources and guidance for get going afterwards. The workshop will take 90m, divided into the following sections: - Introduction and getting started (workspace setup, first schematic, exercises) (20m) - Improve (working with template files, understanding the AST, exercises) (20m) - Angular workspace (sandbox, utility-hell, getting/writing information from/to an ng-workspace, exercises) (30m) - Add ng-add and ng-update support (5m) - Testing (write unit tests for your schematic, create test angular workspace, exercises) (15m) Attendees will need a PC/Mac with Nodejs and NPM preinstalled.
Felix Lemke

Felix Lemke

Software Engineer at Interfacewerk GmbH @ngfelixl

What's this all about?

HannoverJS is a usergroup focused on JavaScript and related topics. The idea has gained great interest around Lower-Saxony's JavaScript folks.
We meet regularly on the 4th Tuesday of every month at at NewStore, Bödekerstraße 56 in Hannover.

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